Live Sport

Just so you’re aware we will be only showing live sport outside on our big screen as we are not allowed to show live sport inside as per government guidelines.

Monday 10th August

Man United V FC København – 20:00

Tuesday 11th August

Wolves V Sevilla – 20:00

Wednesday 12th August

Atlanta V PSG – 20:00

Thursday 13th August

RB Leipzig V Atletico Madrid – 20:00

Friday 14th August

Barcelona V Bayern München – 20:00

Saturday 15th August

Man City V Lyon – 20:00

The Quiz is back!

Our weekly quiz is back on Fridays at 7pm with a twist… order to maintain safety and social distancing, we will be holding the quiz outdoors.

There’ll also be an outdoor bar as well as a waffle and ice cream box! We’ll be serving our garden menu for some brain fuel.

At the moment we’re kindly asking that teams are a maximum of 6 people and we can no longer provide pens so please make sure you bring your own.